Aqua Dynamo is an incredibly powerful tidal turbine that uses a dynamic design to harness the kinetic energy found in moving bodies of water. These turbines generates enough clean energy to power over 3 million homes while taking up only 200 acres or less of water space.

Disposable Squat Seat

If you could consider just one of the least populated country from the list above, then according to the UN Refugee Agency, there are 3.8 million refugees around the borders of Syria alone, from which 51.2% are female. One must also consider 6.5 million individuals dislocated within Syria that are facing food shortages, water and sanitation.

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Breathing Apparatus – Omask Inc.

O Mask helps by allowing passengers to escape
by providing oxygen rich air in a mask that is waterproof/airtight in situations such as:

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Space Elevator Concept –

The space elevator would be constructed using super strong and lightweight metal alloys that would provide the structure immense strength-to-weight ratio. It would be constructed using materials such as Titanium alloys that are currently being used by the aviation industry.

The “Telescopic Exo Shell”, is a semi-hollow and cylindrical structure that consists of a telescopic tower that would be propelled by both an “Inner Shaft” (chained cylindrical bits that locks-in to form a shaft) a hydraulics system and rail-powered cable structures that would work in together providing support. The base of this tower can also be positioned on water. The space elevator would reach heights of 160 kilometers or 99 miles into LEO (lower Earth orbit) when fully extended.

Space e Would make space travelling cost effective by giving it’s owner 90% cost advantages over convention rockets. The first nation to successfully build the space elevator would dominate space travel.


Gulf News:


Times of India:

The Western Star:

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A Prophylactic Wrapper – Flip Easy Inc.

The world’s first touch-free male condom with improved protection and added convenience. This patented Flip Easy design is the next progression of male contraceptives.


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