Short Bio: I excelled at my first job at a leading bank in Dubai, U.A.E. Being in Marketing; I was to launch an introductory product in the market, enticing potential clients. I learned negotiation skills and in general it was a personality change for me. Fast-forwarding a few years from then, I moved to Canada, and got my real break at the Bank of Montreal, Toronto. Raising USD 4 million in capital for the department each month and helping raise investment capital for different ventures of my own later down the line.

I found my forte in “Online Business” I knew I wanted to develop portals that would serve a good purpose for the community as well. Through my skills in sales, engineering and the knowledge for environmental science, I started developing various concepts for products that would change many existing business models out there. My target market is North America, Middle East and Africa.

My ideas are about every thing that can possibly make life easy and safe for many. My aim is to focus on countries that can use my concept for renewable energy and preservation of nature, life.

“Innovation motivates me. I like to see a simple thought come to life and change the way we live”

I want to reach out to people who have this passion and an inner-voice that tells them day in and day out that they must do something different, something big.

Micro Bio: I was born on February 19th 1975 in Dubai, U.A.E. and my parents moved to that region in the early 1960’s. My father was a gold trader with the prominent Galadari family in Dubai. I took interest in singing at the age of 5 and had an aptitude for re-engineering my radio controlled car to do what it was not supposed to. I guess my interest for inventing things stems from those early days. I moved to Toronto in 1997 to better my self and to further my education.


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